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  your Journey starts here  

Congratulations! You are one click away from a new beginning.

Our language software is the first step towards a new connection with the cultures of the world.

Zesez is Language Made Simple.

With our unique Adapt to Learning Flashcard Quizzes you can focus on what you do not know and breeze though what you do know. That way you don't just learn it, you remember it.

Don't take our word for it. Try Lesson One and see why the world will soon be traveling Zesez Style.

Download lesson one for FREE here.

Download Lessons 2 - 10 and more HERE!

Lesson One is currently available in German, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

  making Learning fun again  

So let's face it. Learning a language requires repetition and more repetition. That can get repetitive. Unfortunately it is just one of the best ways to force our brains to remember, hey "Hola means hello". Fortunately for you our software has taken the boredom out of a repetitive task.

  it's Evolution baby  

Our Adapt to Learning algorithm quizzes you only on the words you need focus on. So if you already know what el ba�o is we are not going to ask you over and over again. We quiz it. You know it. We move on. Good-bye boredom.

  language Games designed for junkies  

Can't squeeze more than 5 minutes a day out of your busy life is, zesez no problemo. We have designed our language game in five minute shots. So you can get your daily dose of Spanish and get on your way.

For those real language junkies though, we know you won't be able to stop at just one game per day� What can we say, just another lucky soul getting buzzed on cultural addiction. Sorry about that.

  am I really learning anyways?!?  

That one is up to you, but our software will tell you what we think. Personalized results track your progress. From percent correct, to percent complete, to top five phrases to practice, to you own high score of words per minute, we have got enough stats to make a baseball announcer go dizzy.

Feedback on how you are doing is important when learning anything. Of course our software can only tell you so much. The real test will come when you try to practice your new lingo in real life. But our results can help you gage your progress and keep you in line with the study plan that fits for you.

So get yourself started. Click our Free Download above or just go for the Whole Motherload below.

  The journey continues.

One done, time to move on. We have got the lesson plan to suit your needs. Check out our upgrades below.

  Lessons 1 through 5 in Spanish, German, or English.

Learn German from English. Learn English from Spanish. Whatever your combination you choose give it a shot with zesez Langauge. This download includes:

Lesson 1: Gettin Started with the Basics.
Lesson 2: Some Basic Vocab.
Lesson 3: More Verbs than you can imagine!
Lesson 4: Puttin it together in the present tense.
Lesson 5: Flashback Lessons 1 to 4.

  Lesson 6 thorugh 10 in Spanish, German, or English / Plus Usez Language

After all the fun of lessons 1 through 5 now try:

Lesson 6: Can't get enough Vocab.
Lesson 7: Simply the Past and Imperitive.
Lesson 8: Expressions you might even Use!
Lesson 9: The Future...
Lesson 10: Mixing it all together again.

Usez Language: That's right Usez. That means YOU get to upload your own personal language files and use our unique adapt to learning algorithm to get the most out of it. Use it to learn those words you need to know most, or tomorrows Biology quiz. Whatever you need. Software does not get more personal than this.

Click icon below to download Complete Spanish or Complete German, all 10 lessons + Usez, now Free!

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  Learn a Language. Live a Legend.

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