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Adapt to Learning Flashcards...

We would like to think it is Ze's good looks that sell our software, but those who use it know it is the Zesez Flashcard Quizzes that do the trick.

Our unique Adapt to Learning method quizzes you the words you need focus on. Basically the more often you answer correctly, the less likely that that particular flashcard will appear.

You focus on the tougher flashcards until you learn them and breeze by the easy ones. Good-bye boredom.

Just 5 minutes per day...

Learning games are designed in five minute shots. You can play as little as five minutes per day to as much a five minutes every five minutes!

Get the Results

Our personalized results plot of your progress.

Challenge your bilingual friends to beat your high score. Or challenge yourself to finish the next lesson in record time.

Listen and Learn

Each Zesez Lesson comes complete with audio for every flashcard.

Practice saying the words as you race to type them in. You will be speaking before you know it.

We know it was probably not your favorite topic in school, but grammar is essential to getting the language right.

Each Zesez Lesson (Spanish, German) not only quizzes you new words, but teaches you some grammar too.

Learn about more features of Zesez Language Here.

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