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Complete Spanish now Free!

Complete Spanish includes all of the following...

  • Zesez Adapt-to-Learning Flashcard Quizzes
  • Over 700 Spanish Electronic Flashcards
  • Learning with Audio
  • Personal Results to Track Progress
  • Written Spanish Lessons
  • Usez Language Flashcard Creator
  • 10 Unit Lesson Plan to get you started
  • Online Access to Hundreds of Free Flashcards
  • Quick Links to Foreign Language Newspapers

  • Read more about these features below.

Usez Language...

Now you can Create and Upload your own Flashcards!

With the Usez Language feature, creating your own vocabulary lists and incorporating them into Zesez Flashcard Quizzes is a breeze.

You will still be able to track your progress and adjust the speed at which you learn, just like any other Zesez Flashcard Quiz, but this time using your own personal set of vocabulary.

Or use the Usez Language feature to test yourself with some of our Free Flashcards made available to every Zesez customer.

10 Great Lessons...

Lesson 1 The Basics
Learn some of the basics you need to get around plus a few other words to give you a feel for the language.

Lesson 2 Starting Vocabulary
Your first word list helps you learn the difference between masculine, feminine, and the plural forms.

Lesson 3 Verbs and more Verbs
Our massive list of the most used verbs lays the groundwork learning verb tenses.

Lesson 4 The Present Tense
Learn the basics and some irregular verb forms for speaking in the present.

Lesson 5 Putting it all together
See what you really learned. Review lessons 1 to 4 and add a few new grammar tricks to your repertoire.

Lesson 6 Vocabulary Level Dos
Build up your vocabulary when talking about family, friends, and food.

Lesson 7 Simple Past and Imperative
Get the basics of the past tense and share some stories about the good old times.

Lesson 8 Expressions you just might use!
Learn to tell time, express likes and dislikes, comparisons and more.

Lesson 9 The Future...
Let's talk about what your are doing next. Learn the form and function of speaking in the future.

Lesson 10 Speaking in all 3 tenses.
You now have the groundwork to get your bilingual life started. Test yourself on what you have learned in the past 10 lessons. Keep the learning going by creating your own Usez Flashcards or reading the news online.

Learn about more features of Zesez Language Here.

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File Size: 50.1 MB
Last Update: August 2008

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