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  Get Started with Spanish Level I  

Spanish L1 to L5 includes all of the standard Zesez Features...

  • Zesez Adapt to Learning Flashcard Quizzes
  • Spanish, English
  • Learn with Audio for Lessons 1 to 5
  • Personal Results to Track Progress
  • Written Spanish Lessons
Plus 5 Great Lessons...

Lesson 1 The Basics
Learn some of the basics you need to get around plus a few other words to give you a feel for the language.

Lesson 2 Starting Vocabulary
Your first word list helps you learn the difference between masculine, feminine, and the plural forms.

Lesson 3 Verbs and more Verbs
Our massive list of the most used verbs lays the groundwork learning verb tenses.

Lesson 4 The Present Tense
Learn the basics and some irregular verb forms for speaking in the present.

Lesson 5 Putting it all together
See what you really learned. Review lessons 1 to 4 and add a few new grammar tricks to your repertoire.

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