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  our Mission  

Zesez Language was created to promote cultural awareness and understanding via acquiring foreign language speaking skills, discovering new sources of information, and encouraging open minded travel to those far off destinations to see the world first hand. We have been inspired by adventure, travel, and a desire to try something new. This is just one of many stories of what inspires us to keep on learning.

Rushing through the hills of Slovakia at 180 km/hour he wonders, "How the heck did I get here?" His driver, a German speaking Czech born Michael Schumacher wannabe, smiled with devious delight as maneuvered his 20 year old Golf through the hairpin turn of the backcountry road, barely missing a sure fatal collision with the street vendor on the side of the road selling the day's fresh pick of blueberries.

software The pair barely knew each other, yet this weekend they were on a journey that would bond them for life. One an American in a foreign land in search of his family's roots, the other just a friendly European playing the role of driver and translator helping a new found friend.

A few hours later, they have found them. Feelings of joy, excitement, and a sense of human connection with both family present and past, feelings that no language can quite describe overpowered the meeting. A family once separated by thousands of miles and four generations was suddenly reunited…

software He could not help but think unforgettable journey into his family's heritage would not have been possible had he not become fluent in German. Yet what amazed him even more what few key words it took to convince German/Slovak speaking translator to take him on this voyage.

The unlikely pair met over a couple of beers and hit it off with one word… "na zdravie". That's Slovak for "Cheers". One word that connected two foreigners away from home instantly made them brothers on a journey of a lifetime. Neither exactly knew what they were searching for that weekend lost in the backcountry small towns of Slovakia, but when it was all said and done both had found something bigger than life itself: a new connection with friends and family that stretched across continents and generations.

The power of language is indeed amazing…

  your Story  

The above is just a short excerpt of one real adventure. There are plenty more to be told and even more yet to be made.

travel Learning a new language, traveling to a foreign culture, will connect you with the world in ways you cannot imagine. In the process you will discover a side of yourself you never even knew existed.

Learning a language is no task for the weak. It takes practice, time, perseverance, and sometimes just plain guts. It is work, but it is work that can be a whole lot of fun. Not to mention our software makes your work just a bit easier.

  language Software that adapts to you  

Spanish, German, Japanese, whatever the language you choose, zesez has the software to get you started. Truly learning a new language requires a lot of repetition. We have taken the boredom out of a repetitive task with software that learns from you the words and phrases you need the most practice on and focuses on those.

software Our wordlists and lesson plans were developed for travelers by travelers. We strive to get you to learn the essentials you need to get you started in a foreign country. Once you have got the basics down, you can pick and chose which aspects of the language you want to focus on. We even let you come up with your own wordlists and use our "adapt to learning" algorithm to keep you up to speed on the words you need.

Our language software personalizes the results. You can track your progress, brag to your friends, or find the areas where you need the most focus.

  language Software cannot do it alone  

That's right we said it. Despite what our competitors may claim, NO language software will make you fluent in a foreign language, not even ours. Fluency comes from immersion, using the language every day, forcing yourself to stumble through the words even when you know you are not saying it perfect.

Our software is designed to get your foot in the door.

Our website is designed to get you the practice you need. Pick a country, click a button. Virtually travel there. Take a read of the morning paper, snap a live view of the sun setting on the coast, get your dance groove on with the hippest foreign tunes. It is all available at zesez World.

It is up to you to take it to the next level. Go there. You will be amazed the places even a few key words in a foreign tongue will take you. Your own journey in the backcountry of Europe, a destiny with that Italian gal or guy of your dreams, the top of the career ladder or the top of the Himalaya, the possibilities are endless.

So go ahead. Download our software. Then get out there can create your own story. Make it better than ours and send it to us.

  a Company that adapts to you  

Need some time to brush up on you Zulu? Just met a chick whose parents speak Maori? Zesez is the company that adapts to your needs. If you have a specific language you need to learn we can adapt our software to meet your needs. Just shoot us an email and we can have the solution you need to get yourself up to speed fast.

Still not satisfied with us? Let us know what you want. We hear it, we discuss it, we fix it. Free of charge. Just for you.

It is that simple.

Download our software now and get hooked.

Zesez gets you started… guts gets you there.

Learn a Language. Live a Legend.

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  Learn a Language. Live a Legend.

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