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Download these Flashcards to learn more vocabulary. You need to have "Usez Language" to use these vocabulary lists as flashcards.

If you already have Zesez Language "Usez Language", just download these files onto your computer and click the "Use myfiles" button on the program main menu to use them.

If you do not have Usez Language it comes FREE with...

Complete German
Complete Spanish

Spanish Grammar Flashcards

Por vs Para: Info: Questions -- Answers
Conditional: Info: Spanish -- English
Preterit vs Imperfect: Info: Questions -- Answers
Present Perfect: Info: Questions -- Answers
Passive Voice: Info: Spanish -- English
Subjunctive: Info: Questions -- Answers

*save or open and copy and paste to txt files.

Medical Spanish Flashcards

Body Parts: Spanish -- English
Medical Conditions: Spanish -- English
Treatments: Spanish -- English
Medical Interview: Spanish -- English

Vocabulary Flashcards

Foods: Spanish -- English
463 Common Words: Spanish -- English


If you have a suggestion for a vocabulary list, or have created on of your own shoot us an email. Be it German Slang or Japanese Fish names, send it our way and we will post it!
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  More Learning Resources  

The road to learning a new language is not one traveled alone. Check out some of our favorite friends who can help you along the way.

  • Leo Deutsch - One great online dictionary between German and English.

  • Free Translation - Translate text with ease! Great to have along when reading the foreign news.

  • IE Languages - An outstanding source of grammer and word lists in French, Italian, German, Spanish and more.

  • Translation London - Translation company based in London England serving businesses throughout the world.

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