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"Ze" rhymes with "Hey" and means "Joe" in Portuguese.
"Joe says" he hopes you like "Zesez!"

  Learn Spanish or German with Ze's Electronic Flashcards!  

Learn Instantly from your new Foreign Friend!

Meet Ze, the creator of Zesez Language PC Software for learning Spanish or German. Ze is a multilingual master of many words. He wants to teach you how to be a language guru too. Ze speaks...
  • Spanish
  • German
  • English
He is also learning a little Portuguese and Japanese!

Ze's Languge Software works like electronic Flashcards with smart Adapt-to-Learning technology that ensures you learn and retain vocabulary.

All of Ze's language programs can be downloaded instantly. You can start learning today!

Proven Method for vocabulary retention.

Ze's "Adapt to Learning" Flashcard Quizzes keep track of which questions you get correct and which ones you miss. It makes sure you are quizzed the questions that you get wrong more often than the ones that you get right.

Ze's Flashcard Quizzes have Pronunciation Playback to ensure what you learn is retained.

It is simple and effective. Period.

Don't believe us? Click here for a free trial.

Superb Reviews from Ze's Customers.

Ze's popularity is growing faster than his Chia Pet:

"I love your langauge program! Lesson one is done and I want to keep this thing rolling. Where can I find more?!" - Zesez customer

"Very Good Product! I LOVE IT I strongly recommend!" -Zesez customer

"Fun, easy, really helpful software!" -Zesez customer

"Highly recommended." -Zesez ebay buyer

"The audio helps reinforce pronunciation -- I'm learning to write the language and speak it at the same time!" -Zesez customer

95% of customers surveyed said they would recommend Zesez Language to a friend.

100% of customers surveyed learned new speaking skills with Zesez Language.

Fun lessons keep your mind stimulated.

Ze likes to have a good time. He thinks you should too.

The Language Program challenges you to see how many questions you can get right in five minutes.

It keeps track of old scores and challenges you to make a new high score.

Stay Connected with learning resources around the world!

Click here to see what Ze and the rest of the world are reading, watching, and listening to on the Zesez News and Radio Network.

Ze always has some new tricks up his sleeve. Once you purchase Level II, you will be able to download new lessons for FREE.

If you have some tricks up your own sleeve, you can even create new lessons of your own and use the Zesez Method to Quiz yourself.

Just click a link to the left and see how Zesez is Language Made Simple!

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